The purpose of SHIBM is to "save the refugees in the coin circle". 100% of the circulation is locked into the check-in mining pool. The project party does not have any reservations. Users can check-in to obtain billions or even trillions of tokens.
    Relying on the non-destructive mining ecology, SHIBM created the original destruction of 1 SHIBM divided into 1 SHIB. This is a decentralized value transfer experiment, anchoring SHIB to achieve the purpose of sustainable destruction and value transfer.
    SHIBM has handed over community autonomy

Check in and mine

    Chai Ma coin (SHIBM), 100% of the total amount is locked into the check-in mining pool, anyone can only obtain the original tokens through daily check-in and mining.
Check-in is mining: phone number + wallet address to check-in
100 million tokens minimum: continuous check-in daily increment of 1 million tokens, no upper limit
Broken lot: reverted to the 100 million minimum lottery

Non-destructive digging SHIB

dense     That is, each mining package is divided into several "equal parts" for sale, each 1SHIBM, when all the "equal parts" of 1 mineral package are sold, a lucky person will be generated according to the mining rules, and the lucky person can get this 20% of the mine bag is collected and used for destruction, which is 80%.
    The distance between you and your dream is only 1 SHIBM. In order to avoid losses, miners please use SHIBM obtained from punch-in mining for 1 coin mining.

SHIBM transaction and withdrawal

    A 10% handling charge shall be levied on the withdrawal of shibm, and all the handling charges shall be destroyed.

Chai Ma Coins Destroyed Shiba Inu Coins

    Destroy 1 Shima coin (SHIBM) divided into 1 Shiba coin. The early price of Shima coin must be thousands or even tens of thousands of times cheaper than Shiba coin. Anyone is willing to destroy 1 Shima coin Divided into 1 Shiba Inu coin. Until the price of the Chai Ma coin was equal to that of the Shiba Inu coin, when this goal was achieved, the Chai Ma coin had also increased tens of thousands of times, which would be another miracle.
    Of course, this feature is only open to miners who participate in lossless mining. The more people who participate in lossless mining, the more they contribute to Chai Ma coins and the higher the amount of Chai Ma coins to be destroyed. .

SHIBM Overview

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